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We have the right to make fun of adoption. If anyone says anything different than they are wrong. 'Nough said.

You Have the Right to Complain

Adoptees on adoption inspired by the Adoptionized: A Critique on the Evangelical Orphan Movement

Ever felt like you were going in the opposite direction compared to everyone else? Join this discussion on the topic, and feel like a pro on adoption--because you are!


Commitment to Adoptee Rights


Our mission is to redefine the meaning of adoption to include the real experiences of people adopted. 

Go Ahead. Complain About Adoption. (We All Do. LOL.)

The Serious Side of Adoption

The Darkest Sides of Adoption (Of course, on Facebook Pages)

Where it's fun to be the black sheep of the family.


Sharing and swapping stories. It's okay to make fun of adoption, because we all do. (behind closed doors--of course.)

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(NOT FUNNY) Happiness built on the misfortune of others.


Shared articles on kidnapped children for the adoption market and shared through adoptee-led networks. (Because no one else cares.)

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Seriously, one of the darkest sides of adoption.


Shared articles on the way the evangelical and fundamentalist churches have had the monopoly on the world's children.

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Seriously Though, About Us

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Not joking here...

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